Sophia Wescott

Welcome to my world. I entered into tattooing and body-piercing in 2000. Since then, my desire has been to constantly evolve as an artist while paying homage to those of the past who paved the way for our generation. During my journey as an artist, my work has received several awards and accolades, along with being featured in several publications. While this has been rewarding, rather than basking in glory, it has made me more humble and driven.  

Prior to holding a machine, I attended Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, where I earned a degree in fine art and design, graduating with honors. During my college years, I pondered several career paths within my respective field of study and quickly discovered why the phrase goes, “starving artist.” During my soul-searching, I was introduced to tattooing and piercing, while discovering a found appreciation of working with the ultimate medium. Each day delivers the challenge of producing a new work of art and bringing happiness to my clients and delivering life their vision of art.

The decision to open my own business arrived at the perfect time. I had made-up my mind to go out on my own and had grown enough to stand on my own two-feet. Besides that, I had a tremendous support group and a following of loyal/awesome clients. Since opening, I have been blessed with not only success (due to an incredible group of individuals) but also the gift of working with people who I value and treasure. 

As for my work...I enjoy all mediums of the art. However, I must confess I have a fondness for creating custom sleeves and large-scale one of a kind pieces, along with portraits. That’s not to say I don’t derive pleasure in working with the smaller tattoos. Full Color or Black & Grey, I love them both. 

As I conclude, thank you for visiting our site. Please have a look around and feel-free to contact the shop with any questions you may have. As always, with gratitude, we look forward to serving you.


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